Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Woo hoo an Award!!

It was so nice to open my email and see that one of my good stampin buddies had sent me this Stylish Blogger Award. I never win anything, ha ha, just had to say that. But anyway, thank you Nancy for this wonderful surprise, it definitely made my day! You can check out Nancy's fabulous blog here

So now you need to share 5 'stylish' things about yourself. Oh my, I don't really see myself as stylish but here goes it...

~ I can never have too many pairs of tennis shoes... I probably have a style and color that could go with any outfit.

~ With my kids older now, I downsized my wheels from a SUV to a cute bright green VW beetle bug with a tangerine tango color gerbera daisy in the vase.

~ Diamonds are a girls best friend, need I say more? Oh, even if it's a tiny nose stud :o)

~ I love smelly lotions and candles, especially tropical scents.

~ And, of course I can't leave out one of my obsessions....I have something on me at all times that has to do with Twilight, whether it be a bracelet, t-shrit, tote, book, picture and so on.

Now it's my turn to forward this Stylin award onto....

Steph - her cards are so cute and fun! Dannie - Her blog is what inspired me to start my own, Thanks! Krissie - is so creative with her designs Dana - has the cutest grandkids! Sam - so creative whether it's cards or jewelry

Thanks to you all! Now copy this award to your blog, and keep this Stylish Award going by passing it on to your stylin bloggers!


Sam said...

Thanks so much for the blog award Sharlene. I feel very honoured!!


PS. Your VW Bug sounds beautiful.

Nancy K said...

You are SO stylish -and you've got such a fab blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the award. I really appreciate it!