Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Twilight Getaway

Hello! Well, I just got back from a little Twilight weekend. My husband put together this little getaway to Forks with all the different stops and sites to see. We had a great time. I was laughing constantly at all the craze and the people that had come from all over to this little town just to see all the Twilight sites. It was absolutely crazy! :o)

I finally had to start writing down all the license plates of the different states driving through. Here's just a little list of what I caught - Idaho, Utah, Alabama, Colorado, New Jersey, Oregon, California, Indiana, Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Alaska, British Columbia & Alberta Canada. Isn't that just crazy, LOL! We'd see cars full of teenage girls piling out at all the different stops, but it just wasn't teenage girls, there were women of all ages and they were cracking up over it all too. Well, hope you enjoy some of the pictures below of all the different Twilight sites.

Here's the book store in Port Angeles, and Edward and Bella peering through the window.

Movie Theater and here's the restaurant famous for Bella's mushroom ravioli.

These are the only two shots I got of the High School, for some reason my other ones came out really blurry.

Here's where Chief Swan spends his working days. :o)

And, the hospital where Dr. Cullen works. They even have a reserved parking sign for him too.

I got a picture of the sign, but dummy me didn't get a picture of the store itself. But here's where Bella works. And, of course a picture of Bella's truck.

Here's the B&B we stayed at, the Miller Tree Inn, also known as The Cullen House. It's a great place to stay and close to all the Twilight sites. You can check them out here. Twilighters would come right up onto the porch and peer in and take pictures.

It was sunny and hot Saturday, but come night-time the lightning & thunder came rolling in. I could've sworn I heard the Cullen's playing baseball, but then remembered they were in Montana hunting bears. sigh...

Sunday, we were off to LaPush and First Beach. It was cool and windy, but a great beach!

Lastly, here's Bella's and Chief Swan's house.

Hope you enjoyed it, I'd recommend this little tour to anyone. I realized after we got home we missed seeing Jacob's house, guess I'll have to go back another time. :o)


Dana said...

Hey I had no idea that you were taking some vacation time! you didnt say a word to me ! looks like you had a good time .... talk to you next week.

Nancy K said...

Too fun/ny!! Looks like you had a ton of fun. Saw a Twilight board game at Target today -thought immediately of you!