Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Okay, so I've been asked by Dana to try this out. Let's see what exciting things I can come up with, LOL!

1. Growing up I was accident prone, broken bones, burns, cut-off the tip of my thumb to name a few.
2. In Jr & Sr High I was a basketball star....really I was!
3. I use to chew my nails
4. I love doing crafts, especially stamping.
5. When I retire and the kids are out of the house I want a Porche 911 Carrera
6. I drink way too much Diet Coke, but I love it!
7. I love vacationing with my family in Maui
8. I hate to grocery shop, my husband does it
9. I'm addicted to purses and shoes
10. I'm shy
11. Married to my highschool sweetheart for 21 years, he's the best!
12. Love all my pets and wish I could have more
13. All the slow drivers in Seattle think the fast lane is for them....drives me crazy!!
14. I love spring and summer time when I can work in the yard
15. I have some body piercings, which surprises alot of people.
16. I enjoy going to the movies, funny, romantics
17. People who think they know everything annoy the heck out of me, I tune them out!
18. I would love to go to Italy one day
19. Sometimes I'll say things without thinking....thanks to my mother :o)
20. My 6 yr old going on 16 neice, cracks me up. She's definately a handful.
21. Growing up in a strict Christian home, I couldn't go to movies or dances until I was out of high school.
22. Love my 2 boys, but they're growing up too fast
23. I have the bestest friend ever, Kelly Jo!
24. I hate pickles! My grandmother use to can them...ohhhh the house would stink!!!
25. Sometimes I'm afraid to try new things, fear of the unknown or failing.

That was difficult, I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I post this, oh well.

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Tippietoes said...

BODY piercings???? where? ;)